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Goodwill Of Colorado Driver, USAFA Passenger Van in Air Force Academy, Colorado

DescriptionHOURS: Shift: Split shift Hours: 4:30 AM-7:30 AM and2:30 PM - 4:30 PMOBJECTIVE:To transport employees and clients from home to work and from work to Bus Stopthe afternoon run will have some wait time due to employees needs ontransportation, sometimes waiting times will be longer than expected.This Part-Time job is eligible for paid holidays, floating holidays, sickleave, jury duty and bereavement leave. Part time employees can also makepre-tax contributions to a retirement plan and some part time employees whowork enough hours in a year may become eligible for employer contributions totheir retirement.REQUIREMENTSExperience working with those who may have Dementia, Alzheimer's and/orthe elderly is plus; must be willing to be certified in CPR and First Aid. Avalid Colorado driver's license without a history of violations with atwo-year safe driving record is also required. For insurance purposes, thisperson is required to be between the ages of 25 and 70. This person must beexperienced in driving passenger vans that hold up to 15 people.OTHER REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCESHigh School diploma or GED preferred.Must be reliable; this position is currently a part-time position at 22.5 to29 hours per week (4:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30p.m. M-F).It is preferred that the incumbent have excellent communication skills anddemonstrate the ability to interact with various types of internal andexternal customers with the ability to relate effectively to people withaging-related disabilities. Goodwill USAFA Van Driver must maintain aprofessional attitude, appropriate hygiene, dress and grooming and bepunctual and dependable. Incumbent must be able to perform heavy lifting andsitting for prolonged periods. Must provide guidance for all employees ridingvOccasional overtime may be required and must be able to work 5 holidays peryear with flexible shifts.KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS {Essential Functions}TransportationThe Goodwill USAFA Van Driver must exhibit sound judgment when speaking withand assisting the clients. The incumbent will pick up and drop off clientsfrom their home and deliver them to USAFA in a safe and timely matter, inthe afternoon Hours Driver will pick up employees From USAFA Dormitories anddeliver them to City Bus stop located at Voyager Parkway.The USAFA Van Driver must be able to followed route according to daily pick upschedules, adjusting for the safest and most efficient course to deliver andPick up clients to The USAFA Dormitories and back to bus stop. The GoodwillUSAFA Van Driver must be able to read and understand maps and use a GPS(Global Positioning System) and follow all rules and regulations drivingin the state of Colorado. Also The Goodwill USAFA Van Driver is responsible totake the van to Regular maintenance checkups that vehicle requires to DiscoverGoodwill Maintenance Shop Located in Old Colorado CityVan Maintenance and SafetyThe Goodwill USAFA Van Driver is responsible for the cleanliness of thevehicle's interior and exterior, ensure the vehicle's tank is maintainedat least half full at all times, check and add oil and coolant as needed andremove any trash at the conclusion of each day's use. The incumbent mustcomplete all Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado driver,safety, and first aid trainings deemed necessary by the department. TheGoodwill USAFA Van driver must be prepared to administer first aid techniquesand follow Discover Goodwill protocols for any scenarios that may take placewhile driving clients.Tracking and ReportingThe Goodwill USAFA Van Driver will conduct, document and maintain allpaperwork involved in transporting clients and complete the vehicle inspectionsheet of the vehicle prior to operating and report any vehicle deficiencies ormishaps to Base wide Site Manager. The incumbent will maintain a good workingknowledge of vehicle accident reporting.Relationship ManagementThe Goodwill USAFA Van Driver will communicate effectively with employees,co-workers an