King Soopers 87 Fuel Center Clerk in Conifer, Colorado

Receive payment for purchases of gas and other items sold at Fuel center.Stock ice, motor oil, melting salt, candy, pop, ice cream andcigarettes sold at the Fuel center.Cleaning of Fuel center including sweeping with "ximo" cleaner, cleanpumps, cleaning kiosk windows and emptying trash.Fill outside buckets with water for cleaning of windshields, and refillingpaper towel dispenser when necessary.Removal of ice and snow when necessary.Recording and receiving fuel deliveries.Observe and enforce fuel center safety rules including, fuel spillhandling, and potential fire hazards.Report and document any equipment malfunctions to store manager.Reports to security and store management any suspicious behavior, and any"drive offs".Responsible for following all fuel center guidelines regarding hazardousmaterial.Communicate with general merchandise department to refill merchandise andsupplies.Must be able to work alone.Breaks and lunches may be delayed.