Snap-on TECHKNOW Sales Rep in Denver, Colorado

OverviewStaff and maintain Snap-on's mobile TECHKNOW showroom. Focus exclusively onthe needs of the professional automotive technician ranging from the basic tothe most advanced diagnostic solutions in the market. Utilize the mobileshowroom to interact with franchisees and technicians. Utilize displays,hands-on product demonstrations, and a complete range of accessories thatpair with each platform to answer questions, provide solutions, and ensureconfidence in the technician's purchase. Work in tandem with Snap-onfranchisees to pre-qualify customers and provide solutions that are specificto each individual technician's diagnostic needs.Responsibilities* Assist the franchisee in selling diagnostic platforms and related productsto end-users.* Visit customers on routes, showing products and working with franchiseesand mobile company stores to close sales. Write and sign quotes withend-users.* Operate mobile showroom, showing product to customers.* Evaluate and coach franchisees on methods to grow the diagnostic segment oftheir business.* Operate mobile showroom van, selling diagnostic products with franchiseesand mobile company store managers in order to attain sales, margin andprofit targets.* Maintain accountability for corporate assets in the form of assignedinventory product.* Operate van in compliance with the Snap-on program.* Operate van according to DOT regulations and safety guidelines.* Interact with franchisees, company stores, and FPT members to ensurecoordination of programs and policies, and to share best practices.* Work with FPT members and franchisees to help region meet sales goals.- Attend sales meetings as required to keep current on diagnostic products andpromotions.Qualifications* High school diploma* Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience* Sales or sales management experience and retail experience a plus* Experience in business and related positions.* Valid driver's license.* Ability to drive 16'x20' vehicle 70-85% of the time.* Ability to lift 50 pounds frequently (below shoulder height), and morethan 50 pounds occasionally (using forklift or other lifting device).* Ability to travel* Adept at Microsoft OfficeSuccessful completion of Snap-on training programs.* Product knowledge* Collections* Asset management* Budgeting* Business operations* Computer proficiencyThe following individual characteristics and competencies are particularlyimportant:* High energy level and highly motivated* Results driven - set and achieve goals* Strong communication skills-interpersonal, relationship building,presentations, verbal/written, listening* Persuasive and influential* Customer focused* Strong core values* Ability to influence participationCovered Drivers have the professional obligation to operate vehicles inaccordance with federal, state, and local laws and codes. Furthermore,every associate has the moral responsibility to exercise safe conduct, goodjudgment, and common courtesy toward the general public, motorists, andpedestr* All drivers must be 18 years of age or older, and 21 years of age or olderif driving a DOT-regulated truck.* The driver must possess a valid state driver's license, and must havehad it for 36 consecutive months prior to employment.* The driver must adhere to all interstate and intrastate driver's licenserequirements for the type of vehicle they are driving.* The driver must pass initial alcohol and drug tests in accordance withpolicies prior to hire.* A candidate considered for employment must produce a Motor Vehicle Record(MVR) with no major violations and no more than two minor violationswithin the last three years prior to hire.* The driver must be able to read, write and speak the English language.