Fountain-Fort Carson School District #8 Vehicle Mechanic in Fountain, Colorado

APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED ONLINE ONLY AT / EmploymentQualifications: 1. High school graduate with two years of technical courses in vehiclefield. 2. Three years experience in repair of vehicles to include buses. 3. Above average attendance and punctuality in previous jobs. 5. Pass test to demonstrate skill needed to perform duties. 6. Demonstrate ability to do heavy lifting.Job Goals:Responsible for performing repairs and daily preventative maintenance onschool buses, trucks, automotive and other heavy-duty type machines andtrucks; all daily shop activities including repairs, administration,organization, planning, coordinating, scheduling, monitoring,quality control, warranty repair and evaluation of maintenance and repairservices. May be required to cover school bus route on occasion. Must have ownEssential Job Functions:1. Follows prescribed preventative maintenance procedures on all vehicles.2. Performs services and repairs on school buses, including but notlimited to, diesel engines, injectors, pumps, automatic transmissionrepair and replacement, wheelchair lifts, air brake systems and electrical syst3. Assists in the maintenance, diagnoses, and repair of alldistrict vehicles as required by Colorado Department of Education and Districtsafety policies and procedures. Perform Colorado Department of Education(CDE) inspections on all District buses and white fleet by following CDEprocedures and District and department policies.4. Knowledge of diesel emission, diesel particulate filters,DPF, and SCR systems5. Follows prescribed preventative maintenance procedures on allvehicles.6. Responds to school bus driver needs and maintains a positiveworking relationship with Transportation Department employees.7. Promotes high standards of safety and housekeeping methods inwork-connected areas.8. Talks to equipment operators, drives, and operates vehicle,or uses diagnostic equipment to identify problems and malfunctions9. Operate service truck respond to service calls in case of bus orvehicle breakdown. Perform operator pre-trip vehicle inspections asprescribed by State of Colorado and Commercial driver's license authority. Check condition and availability of safety and emergency equipment beforeleaving terminal. Conform to all traffic regulations.10. Troubleshoot and program computer-controlled engine systemsincluding Cummins, International, GM, Ford and Dodge by using diagnostic equipm11. Initiates orders for parts and equipment using parts books orother sources.12. Documents vehicle repair records including the nature of therepair, labor hours, and parts used in making repairs.13. Drives equipment in and out of repair shop; operates and roadtests repaired vehicles to ensure proper function.14. Ability to use tools and operate diagnostic and power equipmentemployed in the repair and adjustment of engines and components. Ability toperform diagnostic and mechanical repair work without direct supervision inthe shop or in the field.15. Responds to calls after regularly scheduled work hours as needed.16. Participates in continuing educational training for newtechniques and job skills as requested.17. Performs small area body and fender work, includingspray-painting exterior and interior finishes.18. Drive school bus, as needed.19. Perform other duties as assigned.Technical Skills, Knowledge & Abilities: Oral and written communication skills. English language skills. Interpersonal relations skills. Personal computer and keyboarding skills. Customer service and public relations skills. Critical thinking and problem solving skills. Knowledge of maintenance skills including welding, machine work,electrical and mechanical systems, gasoline and diesel engines, overhauland rebuild, air and hydraulic brakes and tire repair preferred at hire.Ability to change and repair tires. Ability to use welding and other shop equipment such as grinders. Knowledge of au