TITLE:Shipping and Receiving ClerkFull Time Day ShiftWage: $10.50/hrLocation: Grand Junction, COBenefit:QUALIFICATIONS:Shipping and receiving applicants should have basic comprehension of partswarehouse operation. These operations include receiving materials,packaging, stocking, picking shipping products to customers. Applicantsshould be able to learn policies and procedures quickly and accurately. Adetailed accuracy oriented person is essential for the warehouse shipping andreceiving position. Part Shipping and part receiving experience is preferred.Applicants should be familiar with the basic computer terminal operation andbe able to work with computer after initial instruction. Applicant should havea pleasant personality and be able to respond to instruction from supervisorsin various departments. They must also work with fellow employees and be ableto work in a team like manner. Basic math skills are required-addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division. These skills also include theability to work with fractions and read tape measure to 1/32" increments.DUTIES:Shipping and receiving personnel will receive materials from UPS, motorfreight carriers, and others-(Federal Express, Airborne, etc.).Materials must be checked for safe arrival with any damages noted on bills oflading and freight claims filed if necessary. Quantities must be counted andverified against packing lists. Shortages must be noted and communicated tothe purchasing department.Shipments must be broken down from bulk packaging and individually packagedand labeled, than stocked on warehouse shelves.Parts shipped to customers must be picked from warehouse shelves, properlypacked, documented, and shipped, usually by UPS, utilizing thecomputer system.Company truck must be loaded and unloaded as necessary for the inter officematerial transfers.On occasion warehouse personnel may be asked to maintain work areas andperform routine clean up.All warehouse personnel are expected to communicate fully with anysupervisor or manager about specific conditions or equipment on premises.All questions concerning correctness of products shipped out are to be broughtto the supervisor immediately.Inventory must be counted and recorded in the computer system on a periodicbasis.OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Warehouse shipping and receiving personnel will have additional dutiesassigned as determined by managers and supervisors.CHARACTER:The qualified warehouse shipping and receiving person must be an individualwith good moral character. They must be an individual who is honest, worksdiligently, demonstrates care and concern about the quality of their work andworks well with other employees and supervisors, This person must be able torespond to constructive comments and improvements to their work by supervisorsand managers.SHIFT:Normal work hours for full time warehouse employees are 8:00 am to 4:45 pmMonday thru Friday. There are two 10 minute breaks allowed- one in themorning and one in the afternoon. Manager will determine the time of thebreaks. The normal lunch period is 45 minutes.A manager must approve any allowed overtime in advance.WAGES:Starting wage for the warehouse shipping receiving personnel is $10.50 perhour.EMPLOYMENT AT WILL:The employment and compensation that are offered are for no fixed term and maybe terminated or rescinded at any time with or without cause or notice.Additionally, the company may at any time add, change or rescind anypolicy or practice at its sole discretion.PROBATIONARY PERIOD:Any position offered by this company to any applicant is done so with theunderstanding that the first 90 days are a probationary period. No benefitswill be provided to any prospective employee during a probationary period.***Apply in person between 9:00AM-2:00PM, Monday-Friday***