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DPI Specialty Foods - Rocky Mountain Warehouse Supervisor 3rd Shift in Henderson, Colorado

Summary: The Warehouse Supervisor leads, directs and supervises warehouseoperations and personnel and supervises the processes associated with theshipping and receiving of product to ensure product integrity, freshness andorder filling accuracy to achieve KPIs outlined by DPI management. Thisincludes planning and scheduling the work force to meet daily demands, andoverseeing security and cleanliness in local facilities. The WarehouseSupervisor is also responsible for ensuring employee training and compliancewith certifications, wage/hour laws, union rules and regulations,local state and Federal food safety regulations and OSHA compliance. TheWarehouse Supervisor must possess and apply interpersonal skills to motivateand coach employees to meet individual productivity requirements and takecorrective actions when necessary to ensure DPI productivity requirements aremEssential Duties and Responsibilities:Supervise the processes associated with the shipping and receiving of productto ensure product integrity, freshness, and order filling accuracy toachieve KPI's and budget through-put.Plan, schedule and manage work force to meet daily operational demandsincluding training, verifying certifications and qualifications, andmonitoring individual employee productivity levels.Apply interpersonal and communication skills to motivate the work force,convey professional growth opportunities and implement corrective measures ifnecessary to ensure productivity levels are met.Generate, use and document standard or ad hoc reports to monitoroperations, report on objectives, through-puts and KPI's according toDPI protocols and procedures using Microsoft Office programs such as Word,Power Point and Excel.Protect DPI's physical assets by monitoring and verifying operation ofvarious systems or departments, including facility security systems andalarm status; ensure visitors are controlled and monitored through the useof badges and chaperones; maintain facility cleanliness.Monitor product integrity by verifying product temperatures and refrigerationoperations and ensuring continuity of cold chain; inspect product fordamage; and ensure control of rodents and pests in all food storage areas.Protect DPI warehouse staff and employees by enforcing proper personalprotective equipment (PPE) use; ensuring training and certifications areup to date; monitoring wage/hour law compliance; assuring compliancewith OSHA and union rules and regulations; and monitoring compliance withlocal, state and Federal food handling regulations.Other Duties and Responsibilities:Maintain clean work environment, may include picking up trash or cleaningspills.Other duties may be assigned to fulfill DPI's objectives.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: The employee must have proficientknowledge of English and basic math skills. A high school diploma orequivalent is required. A college degree is preferred. The employee musthave a minimum of 5 years' experience in food distribution or a relatedfield or combination of college and experience. The employee must beproficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook,PowerPoint). Oracle or AS400 experience is preferred, and the employeemust be proficient in use of Oracle or AS400 at DPI within 90 days of hire.Must be able to operate powered industrial trucks (forklifts) and able tobe certified by DPI. Must be able to meet requirements to be a poweredindustrial truck (PIT) trainer and be able to certify employees.Work Environment: The work environment is typically indoors. The employeeon occasion will perform outside work and would be exposed to local weatherconditions. The floors may be concrete in the warehouse, vinyl or carpet onthe interior and cement or asphalt outside. Moderate noise levels occur inthe warehouse with powered industrial truck horns operating for safety.Work Hours: The work schedule is either 5 days a week, 8 hours a day,or 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. Start times vary. Work hours and sh