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3D Systems Production Coordinator - 200000CL in Littleton, Colorado

Position Overview The best Production Coordinators are multi-functional asthey facilitate hundreds of builds a week through the manufacturing process.They have the ability to work with all functions including engineering,manufacturing, accounting, and sales in coordinating all aspects of theproduct throughout the completion of a purchase order (PO). This includesmanaging workflow of all process steps and communicating with the properchannels to keep each PO line item on track for delivery. Their greatest skillis having the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with alldepartments. Time management, attention to detail, the ability tomulti-task, and urgency are a critical for success in this position.Accountability is important due to the level of documentation and matchingthat occurs at all steps of the process.This is a temporary position has the possibility of transition to a regularfull-time role.Please note that a transition from Temporary to Full-Time Regular Hire is notguaranteed and is dependent upon, among other things, business needs andindividual performance.Organization As part of the Healthcare unit of 3D Systems, the Littletonfacility acts as a service bureau to enable customers without the expertise,capital, or desire to additively manufacture their products. We are expertsin digital workflows, patient-specific devices, and five different kindsof 3D printing. The Manufacturing department serves both the Virtual SurgicalPlanning as well as the Contract Manufacturing product lines with plastic andmetal additive manufacturing.Performance ObjectivesExecute Contract Review: Receive POs from the Planning team and review eachline item for pricing, quantity requirements, revision, and check withour online documentation management system for the release of all relateddocumentation for the part number ordered. Send PO after accepted to CustomerService team for entry into ERP. Create sales order in EPMS for DHR creationand build tracking for each PO.Documentation Management: Before shipment to all outside vendors, reviewall DHRs for completion. If not fully complete, take DHR to appropriatemanagement for sign off. Before shipment, match pull sheets with productready for shipment and communicate with Planning on any changes. Create andpair a packing list with each shipment. File all DHRs after shipment iscomplete and DHR has all appropriate sign offs into filing system. Adhere toISO 13485 and the 3DS Quality Management system in creating the DHR asrequiredCommunication: Facilitate vendor shipments to HIP, Wire, and surfacefinishing vendors by communicating via phone and email. Complete routers andnotify suppliers via emails of parts coming to their facility. At times,communicate with external customers in a professional manner. Communicate withinternal QC and QA about items scheduled for shipment in the coming days toensure products stay on track for delivery as scheduled with the customer.Inventory Management: Manage customer product inventory on a monthly basisby verifying physical inventory to what is electronically documented and ablind count at the end of each quarter. Manage shipping material inventory,placing orders with Supply Chain when needed.Part Packaging : Heat seal parts individually. Count parts after packaging.Bulk package parts and place in appropriate boxes for shipment to the customerwhen scheduled.Coordinate Test Samples: Coordinate test samples with testing facility andPlanning for priorities. Create packing list and labels for shipment tofacility and easy sample identification. Verify that all dates and build IDsmatch traveler, packing list, and labels. Neatly maintain organization ofall samples as shipments are large. Maintain sample log as samples go out andtest results come in. All test results received will have a physical copypaired with each build.Labeling: Identify all parts with labels for identification through themanufacturing process. Create all labels for parts before build is c