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LandM Onion Warehouse Worker in Rocky Ford, Colorado

Onion Warehouse WorkerMust: Meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years(powerequipment/employer policy) and have a valid picture ID. Job requireslifting up to 51 pounds.Skills: Experience is a plus but not required.Duties: Duties vary based on assigned job. You may be required to do morethan one duty throughout the work shift. No one is hired for just one jobduty. When doing the onion grater duty you will dispose of bad onions on theline and decide if they are No.1 or No. 2 before they get packed into bags.When doing the onion stacker duty you will stack cartons or bags of onionsweighing up to 51 pounds on to pallets. When doing the bag tier duty you willwatch as the onions being bagged on the line are to make sure the weight iscorrect on the scale, switch arm, tie bag and put on conveyor, replaceold bag with new one on the scale. When doing the forklift driver duty youwill operate the forklift moving the product safely from the packing line tothe store rooms. Other duties will include making sure the warehouse is clean.Pay: $13.00/Hour, no time and a half for agriculture related work.Paid: Weekly but the first week will have one week lag.Benefits: NoneJob Starts: Approximately the last week of August but may hire six thefirst week of August for cleanup and to get the warehouse ready.Shift: 40+ hours per week as scheduled by the employer Monday-Saturday.This is a temporary full time position lasting to approximately mid November.Job Site: Rocky Ford, COApplication Instructions: Phone employer to apply.********* No referrals beyond commuting distance**********