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Salida School District R-32-J Fleet Mechanic in Salida, Colorado

Job Title:Bus DriverDuties:Maintains all District vehicles in accordance to the Manufactures and ColoradoDepartment of Education specifications such as regular L.O.F.'s and CDEinspections; Assists in the development of records for all district vehiclesMaintain ordering of parts, supplies and tools; Report breakdowns,emergencies, red tag vehicles and delays to Transportation Director.Assist in driving bus routes as needed. Availablity to be on call for breakdowns during the school fiscal year; Complete paperwork, maintenancewrite-ups continually updating files when needed.Inspect small vehicles when returned from use i.e. vacuum, wash and checkall fluids and tire pressure. Assist in emergency evacuation drills twice ayear; Attend conferences or work sessions necessary to meet State and Federalrequirements; Adhere to District Policy and Law in regards to usage of cellphones while operating any school vehicle. Maintain personal driving record.Individual shall be relieved of duties if: Convicted of DUI, DWAI, orreckless driving; or any drug issues occurs Accrual of more than 8 points intwo consecutive years for any offense; Refusal of an alcohol-drug testLeaving the scene of an accident, or using a vehicle to commit a felony.Perform other assigned duties, duties may include but not limited tobuilding and ground maintenance.Requirements of the job:Must be at least 21 years of age; Acquire a CDE inspector certification fromColorado Department of Education; Possess a valid Colorado CommercialDriver's license with a P2 S endorsement; Minimum of 5 years' experiencein vehicle maintenance including 2 years'; experience in medium or heavyduty equipment including diesel and gas engine; repair, emission and Heavyduty Air Brake Systems. Must have high degree of skill in mechanical,electrical, and some body maintenance. The understanding of Retarders andautomatic chains and how to use regular chains when needed. Certified CDEbrake inspector, this can be maintained on the job. Certified CDEinspector, this will be maintained on the job. Obtain a Department ofTransportation Physical; Pass a drug screen and adhere to random drugscreens throughout the year. Must not have criminal convictions for offensesagainst other people. Must be able to meet physical standards as described byColorado Department of Education; Wear appropriate clothing working onmechanical equipment: no loose or hanging cloths no open toe shoes; AttendCPR and First Aid Training Classes.Wages and how often paid:Pay is $21.09 per hour; paid monthly.Benefits:Yes. To be discussed with employer.Job Location: Salida, Co.Shift days and hours to be worked:This is a permanent part-time position; 32 hours per week; will workMonday through Thursday; hours will be determined by employer. Employer hasone position to begin September 28th, 2020. Closing date of application isSeptember 21st, 2020. If you meet the minimum requirements for this position,please click on "How to Apply" to view application information. You mustbe registered with Connecting Colorado to view the application information(registration is available at no cost.) Positions may be filled withoutnotice to the Colorado Workforce Center. We apologize for any inconveniencethis may cause.